What amenities are available at Sailrock Resort?



  • Great House Restaurant
  • The Cove Restaurant + Beach Bar
  • Poolside Bar
  • Large infinity pool & several terraced decks
  • Internet Kiosks & WIFI
  • Golf Carts for resort transportation
  • Front Desk & Reception Services
  • Housekeeping Services
  • Maintenance Services
  • Reservation Services
  • Baggage Service
  • Travel Coordination Services for air, water, and land transfers
  • Administration & Business Services
  • Security
  • Terry & Linen Programs
  • Amenity Packages (Soaps, Shampoos, Moisturizers, etc.)
  • Water Sports Programs
  • Spa & Fitness Center*
  • Fresh Market with drinks, snacks, produce, liquor & sundries
  • Tennis court, bocce ball, volleyball & shuffleboard*

*Some of these noted amenities shall be associated with the second phase of development at Great House

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