Na Spa

At Sailrock Resort, we open our doors with select spa services such as the Balinese and Hot Stone Massages, available in our ridgetop spa treatment rooms offering ocean breezes and relaxation while the full Na Spa is in progress. More information and appointments are available through or view the menu below.

Na Spa, named as a nod to “NA,” the periodic element for Sodium in appreciation of the historic and rich salt ponds native to South Caicos. Na Spa will offer signature salt scrub spa treatments as well as a full range of massages, facials and other body treatments beginning in 2019. More details coming soon!


Deep Tissue Massage

Deep Tissue Massage helps ease stress and tension that concentrates on the deep layers of muscles. By using deep finger pressure and firm strokes, it improves blood pressure and lymphatic circulation that promotes good feelings.

75 minutes: US$180

90 minutes: US$200


Balinese Massage

This therapeutic massage involves the use of gentle long strokes and kneading technique for treating and soothing the body. It stimulates and relaxes the soft tissue meanwhile calming the mind set in good condition.

75 minutes: US$180

90 minutes: US$200


Thai Massage

Thai massage begins with pressing technique to prepare muscles for stretching. It uses the gentle pressure on energy line and the yoga – like stretches to boost energy and flexibility.

75 minutes: US$180

90 minutes: US$200


Hot Stone Massage

Hot Stone massage therapy promotes deeper level of muscles relaxation, reduces stress and fatigue. The melting sensation of warmed oiled stoned incorporates with massage technique produce a sense of healing.

90 minutes: US$260


Head to Back Massage

This treatment helps to release the tension all the way down from head, neck, shoulder and back area after a long day of working.

75 minutes: US$180

90 minutes: US$200


Pre-Natal Massage

Pre-Natal massage special therapy addresses for all stages after the first trimester of pregnancy. Special cushion is used to ensure total degree of comfort.

75 minutes: US$180

90 minutes: US$200



Reflexology is a powerful form of foot massage. It stimulates nerve function by applying gentle pressure on the feet and induces a deep state of relaxation.

75 minutes: US$180

Additional Services

Nail Care

Beauty treatment for hands and feet include foot soak, scrub and refreshing massage

Essential Manicure: US$40

Essential Pedicure: US$50



Leaving your skin smooth and clean under our care

Bikini Line: US$30

Full Arm: US$40

Forearm: US$35

Underarm: US$30

Full Leg: US$50

Half Leg: US$40

Spa Etiquette

Opening hours

Treatments are available from 8:30 am – 7:30 pm

The last booking is at 6:00 pm


For your first visit to the Spa, you will be asked to complete a consultation card. Please arrive 15 minutes prior to your appointment in order to relax and enjoy the tranquility surroundings.

Arriving late will limit your treatment time.



We recommend that you leave all jewelry in your accommodation before coming for your appointment, as the Spa is not liable for loss or damage of your valuable kind


Cancellation Policy

Kindly notify us four hours in advance should your schedule changes or a full cancellation fee will be charge. No shows will be charge at full treatment price.


Non-smoking and peaceful area

Smoking and the use of mobile phone are not permitted in the spa


Health considerations

For your comfort, please advise us of any health condition allergies or injuries, especially if you have high blood pressure or are pregnant as some services may not be appropriate for you at this time. Avoiding heavy meals and alcohol prior to your spa treatment is also recommended.


Age limitation

Children under age 16 are not permitted to use the spa facilities. However, some treatments may be available with parental supervision. Please inquire with the Spa Reception.

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