Turks and Caicos Kayaking

Turks and Caicos Kayaking

Kayaking is the best way to discover the uninhabited cays, creeks, and plentiful natural wonders that surround South Caicos. Explore the marine ecosystem, nature reserves, and get up close and personal with coastal birds, stingrays, turtles, and over 50 different species of coral, all from the comfort of your kayak. The robust wildlife of South Caicos is just a brief paddle away!

Kayaking in South Caicos

Just off the coast of South Caicos, you’ll find Horse Cay, Iguana Cay, and Long Cay. These small uninhabited cays have beautiful beaches, dramatic limestone bluffs, and mangrove wetlands. Cruise the crystal-clear water of the Caicos Bank to the northern edge of South Caicos and explore the secluded Jerry Camp, or visit the uninhabited Horse Cay and catch a picturesque sunset. Hidden adventure awaits in areas of the island otherwise inaccessible by land.


Complimentary Activities and Excursions

Kayaking is one of the exciting complimentary water sports activities available to all guests and owners at Sailrock Resort. Kayaks are stored on the west side of the property near the Cove Restaurant and Beach Bar on the picturesque Sailrock Beach. Kayaks are easy to operate and free to use during daylight hours. More experienced paddlers can take advantage of kayak camping excursions to East Caicos, home to spectacular cave systems, stunning ruins, and diverse wildlife.

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