Hobie Cat Sailing

Sailrock Hobie Cats

To truly take to the seas, there’s nothing like sailing aboard one of Sailrock Resorts Hobie Cat sailboats. Hobie Cats are small, easy-to-use, unsinkable sailboats. They consist of two plastic sealed hulls with a trampoline-style deck stretched between them and a boom-less mainsail. Produced by the watersports equipment manufacturer Hobie Cat Company, these catamarans are easier to operate than traditional sailboats and can be quickly picked up by guests at Sailrock Resort. Sailrock Resort’s Hobie Cats have durable fiberglass hulls that allow for easy launching and docking from the beaches of South Caicos.

Complimentary Activities

Hobie Cat sailing is one of the fun and exciting complementary activities available to all guests at Sailrock Resort. Our Hobie Cats are stored on the west coast of the property on the pristine Sailrock Beach. Sailrock Beach is the ideal place to set sail on your Hobie Cat adventure across the shallow, crystal clear water of the Caicos Bank. Set sail for Horse Cay just off-shore and soak in the sun on a secluded beach, or explore the Bell Sound Nature Preserve and become acquainted with South Caicos wildlife. Hobie Cats are available for use during daylight hours.

Hobie Cat Sailing

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