Turks and Caicos Activities

Whether it’s whale watching, conch diving, fishing, or even kiteboarding, activities abound in the Turks and Caicos Islands. Enjoy the exotic views both beneath the water and on land as you explore the fourth largest reef system or unique flora covering the island with miles and miles of nature trails. South Caicos is definitely for the adventure seeker in you. With 350 days of sunny skies per year, every day in South Caicos can easily be your launchpad to adventure.

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Turks and Caicos Snorkeling

Find world-class snorkeling and diving in the healthiest, most vibrant coral reef system in Turks and Caicos and the fourth-largest coral reef system in the world just minutes from Sailrock Resort. Relatively untouched by humans, this spectacular reef system is home to spotted eagle rays, sea turtle, grouper, snapper, dolphin fish, sharks, loggerhead turtles, octopus, barracuda, and more. Snorkeling is one of the many exciting complimentary activities offered at Sailrock Resort. Snorkeling and diving are available during the daylight hours.

Complimentary Activities

Sailrock Resort offers a wide array of complimentary activities to all guests. Explore the crystal-clear water of the Caicos Bank in a glass-bottom kayak, or go beneath the surface with our complimentary snorkeling gear. Set sail out to the uninhabited Horse Cay on one of Sailrock Resort’s complimentary Hobie Cats, or explore the mangroves of South Caicos atop one of our paddleboards. View the Sailrock Resort Excursion Menu to learn more about our complimentary activities.

Turks and Caicos Fishing

Sportfishing is game in South Caicos, where amateur and avid fishermen alike return with a catch of lobster, conch, sailfish, wahoo, mahi-mahi, marlin, bonefish, and yellow-fin tuna. The turquoise waters to the south and east turn to a deep cobalt blue just past the coral reef system where the water depth drops from 50 feet to 70,000 feet and bring a wide array of fishing grounds. Explore miles of pristine shallow water flats aboard an airboat with a veteran bonefishing guide leading you on the adventure of a lifetime. Our Paddleboard Bonefishing Charter is the most sustainable way to fish the renowned flats and creeks around South Caicos. This unique and exciting way gives you the advantage of covering more fishing ground and navigating softer bottoms. View the Sailrock Resort Excursion Menu to learn more about airboat and paddleboard bonefishing charters.

Turks and Caicos Excursions

For those looking to elevate their experience at Sailrock, our exciting excursions are perfect for individuals and small groups. Experience a Secluded Beach Picnic where you’ll be whisked away by boat to a secluded South Caicos beach where a stylish alfresco spread will be awaiting you. Explore the many trails and dirt roads of Sailrock’s expansive picturesque property by ATV on our Rugged Nature Excursion. Our South Caicos Snorkel Adventure will take you to Admirals’ Aquarium, a protected marine park, where a diverse population of tropical fish thrives. Learn about the history of South Caicos during our guided bike tour through the salt salinas and Cockburn Harbour Town. View the Excursion Menu to learn more about all Sailrock Excursions. Advance notice required; pricing is dependent on activity and number of participants. For more information or to curate your excursion during your stay at Sailrock Resort, please contact reservations@sailrockresort.com.


ATV Rugged Nature Tour
Explore by Bike
The Flats Bonefish Adventure
Guided Kayak or Paddleboard Tour
Historic South Caicos
Hobie Cat Lesson
Learn to Bonefish
Mixology Lesson
Private Beach Bonfire Night
Private Boat Charter
Sailrock Water Sports
South Caicos Boating Adventure
South Caicos Community Enrichment
Villa Private Chef

Turks and Caicos Kiteboarding

Kiteboarding or kitesurfing one of the most exciting watersports available in Turks and Caicos. Kiteboarding is gaining popularity on South Caicos due to the Atlantic Ocean winds which provide the ideal environment to set sail across the crystal-clear shallow water of the Caicos Bank. When someone catches a strong wind, one can capture sights of undiscovered lands that most are not privy to and cruise the coastlines. Experienced kiteboarders are welcome to bring their equipment, while excursions and lessons are offered through several tour operators in Turks and Caicos.

Bell Sound Nature Preserve

Sailrock’s lee-side Cove Beach sits strategically on the protected Bell Sound Nature Preserve. The available sailing and paddling activities are in keeping with Sailrock’s eco-friendly approach to all we do. Motorized activities are not allowed in the Nature Reserve including the use of jet skis. If you do see jet skis parked near The Cove Beach please know these are not owned by Sailrock nor authorized as part of Sailrock’s activity menu options Further, this activity is not covered under Sailrock’s insurance policies. Thank you for your cooperation in refraining from usage. Our Experiences Specialist would be happy to recommend the right and best areas, locations and environments for you and your family’s desired water activities.

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