• Sailrock has committed over $4 million in improvements for the waterfront district of Cockburn Harbor town, an area that boasts a rich history and charming Bermudian styled buildings and structures.
  • A historic district will be created with the buildings and historic walls within this area to be repaired and enhanced.
  • A retail promenade is planned along the waterfront from the Queen’s parade ground to the site of the future Sailrock dive hotel.
  • Renovation and ongoing preservation of the pier and beach.
  • Construction and maintenance of a promenade and seating along the waterfront from the Queen’s Parade Ground to the Customs Port and fuel docks.
  • Landscaping and maintenance on both public and private land, including but not limited to the planting of trees and native plants, the installation of crushed local stone sidewalks and historic street signage.
  • Financial assistance to encourage the start-up of locally owned businesses geared towards tourism on South Caicos.
  • Support for the annual Queen’s Regatta, Christmas, New Years and other festivals that may take place.
  • Landscaping and maintenance of public roads throughout the island.
  • Restoration and maintenance of canals that feed the Salinas.
  • Construction and maintenance of nature hiking and biking trails throughout the island.
  • Creation of an animal preserve for the wild donkeys and horses.
  • Move existing suspended utility lines along public roads to underground positions.
  • Financial assistance for businesses geared towards products focused on and located in South Caicos.
  • Restoration of historic Turtle Crawl and Boiling Hole.

Requirements for Entry into Turks & Caicos

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