Foodies Rejoice: 3 Reasons Sailrock Resort is Perfect for Anyone Who Loves Great Dining

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South Caicos is legendary across the globe for its stunning beaches, crystal clear blue waters, incomparable coral reefs, and slow relaxed island life. However, what many people don’t realize is that South Caicos is also a place that stands out for its food scene. Foodies will have an excellent time when they arrive at Sailrock Resort, thanks to a slew of attractions suited to a gourmand; everything from the restaurants at Sailrock Resort to the food available on the island shines. Here are 3 reasons that foodies will feel happy to spend time at Sailrock.

Dining in Turks and Caicos


The Great House Restaurant at Sailrock Resort

Sailrock Resort has an upscale, gourmet restaurant that attracts people from all over the island. The restaurant is called The Great House, and it features approachable food with a Caribbean flair. You can find fresh fish dishes like A la Minute Smoked Mahi Mahi or Caicos Bank Red Snapper, and other standard island fare like Jerk Chicken wings and Crab Cakes. A perk of eating at the Great House? The view is stunning, with a 360-degree wraparound terrace that offers views of the Atlantic and Caicos Bank.

Authentic Family Dining at Triple J’s Grill

Want a taste of South Caicos that is distinctly local and authentic? Foodies can find it at Triple J’s Grill, a tiny little dining spot that is open only on Friday and Saturday night. Triple J’s is run by a family: the father is the chef and grill-master; the daughter is the waitress, and the son helps greet guests when he is in town. Triple J’s is outdoors and serves up food that is native to the island: jerk ribs and chicken, potatoes, and more. The specialty of the house is the dumplings: they look like large hush puppies but taste more like donuts. Foodies can rejoice in sampling a slice of island life from a family who really lives it.

Plentiful FishingFishing in Turks and Caicos

When you want to ensure your dinner’s ingredients are as fresh as possible, consider fishing for them! In South Caicos, there is tons of great fishing, particularly off the Caicos Bank, which has an area with shallow water and some of the best saltwater flat fishing around. Head to the Caicos Banks for bone-fish, tarpon, and more. Then, cook up your fish for dinner, or talk to a Sailrock chef about preparing your catches from the day. There are tons of exciting other things you can do outdoors in South Caicos in addition to fishing, like exploring the historic salinas around the island.

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